Staying Healthy With CBD Oil In Australia


As they say, prevention supercedes cure.

Cannabidiol (CBD oil) can be used as a treatment for major diseases such as Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, cancerous tumours, etc. as well as to prevent a variety of health disorders.

Before I get into what it can do, you need to know what CBD oil actually is(and why Australia is literally going nuts over it).

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Background Info On CBD Oil

CBD oil is one of the 105+ high-occurring compounds extracted from the cannabis or marijuana plant(scientifically known as Cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa).

Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the cannabis-derived compound that causes a “high”, CBD has no psychoactive effects on its users when ingested.

It’s made by extracting the CBD compound from the cannabis plant after which it’s mixed with olive oil or any other suitable carrier oil(often times producing “hemp seed oil” which is really popular in Australia).

CBD oil is available in various forms: capsules, tinctures, sublingual supplements, liquid, paste, sprays, salves, creams, sweets and other edibles plus vape pens.

That makes it flexible for its various uses.

Here is a list of ailments CBD oil has been known to help with.

For assurance on these items check out this recent article Can CBD Really Do All That?.

  • Acne

Acne is one of the leading causes of low self-esteem for teenagers around the globe. It’s caused by hormonal glands and the overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous gland which clogs the skin surface and hair follicles.

Clogged skin, in turn, leads to breeding grounds for bacteria and dead kill cells that form unattractive black or white unattractive spots. CBD comes in to prevent acne by reducing sebum production, preventing the activation of acne-inducing agents such as inflammatory cytokines as well as reducing the number of lipids produced on the skin surface.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Similar Neurodegenerative Diseases

Research has shown the use of CBD oil decreases the occurrence of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Harrington’s disease. It works by eliminating the oxidative stress in the body. Old people at the risk of ailing from such diseases should try a daily dosage of CBD oil as a preventive measure.


  • Epileptic Seizures

For people who have epilepsy, the constant intake of CBD oil can help prevent regular seizures due to its physical and neurological regulating properties. It also acts as an anticonvulsant and prevents neuron damage which is a common seizure-trigger.

  • Insomnia

Sleeping pills are not always a healthy option when trying to prevent insomnia as one can develop dependency or tolerance. Applying a few drops of CBD oil on your pillowcase is a natural and healthier alternative that will give you a wonderful sleep, every day. All this is due to its strong sedative properties that decrease brain activity, calm anxiety and stimulate relaxation. Inhaling or rubbing it on your chest is also alternatives to rubbing some on your pillowcase.


  • Obesity

Working out is such a strenuous way to keep your weight in check. So why not try to manage it using CBD oil?

CBD oil works by maintaining healthy blood sugar, stimulating the production of genes and proteins that break down fat and increasing the production of calorie burning mitochondria. The oil further promotes the production of brown fat tissue as opposed to white fat which is easily converted to energy. Lipogenesis, known as the expression of proteins involved in the production of lipid compounds is also curbed.


  • Cancer

CBD oil inhibits cancer cell growth and may even induce cell death of abnormal cancerous cells, particularly in lung and breast cancer. It also contains anti-mutagenic properties that lower the risk of you getting cancer. Further, its ant proliferative, pro-apoptotic effects inhibit cancer cell migration, adhesion and invasion.

  • Allergic Reactions

CBD oil regulates an overactive immune system which is the main known cause of allergic reactions. When in areas with allergy-inducing agents such as pollen and dust apply or inhale some CBD oil. It might not work in all cases, but it will sure help.

  • Heart Failure and Heart Disease

Although this requires further research, a 2013 study revealed that CBD oil enhances vasorelaxation of arteries which prevents vascular damage in high glucose environments. Further, it effectively treats high blood pressure and reduces cholesterol which in turn reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and metabolic syndrome. The stress and anxiety-reducing properties of the oil also keep blood pressure low, curb stress-induced cardiovascular response, prevent cell death and prevent inflammation associated with heart disease.

  • Diabetes

CBD oil treatment does not only cure diabetes but can reduce the incidence of diabetes by almost 50%. It reduces insulin resistance using its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Drug Addiction Relapse

It only takes a minute to relapse even after months or years of staying clean. However, a 2018 article recently revealed CBD could help keep you clean due to its non-psychoactive properties which are key in treating psychiatric disorders.

Using CBD As A Preventative Measure

When using CBD oil as a preventative measure, use it in small doses to avoid facing a few of its downsides.

The side effects may include low blood pressure, fatigue, dry mouth, lightheadedness, hypotension, and impaired motor functions, nausea and diarrhoea- all of which have been experienced by an Aussie at some point or another.

However, you should know that research in 2011 revealed that, when used in small doses, CBD oil has mild or non-existent side effects(although in the piece Cannabidiol (CBD) — what we know and what we don’t by, we learned that there is still much more research needed on this compound).

In case you have a pre-existing health condition, it would be advisable to seek your Australian doctor’s opinion before embarking on a daily dose of CBD.

Do not use the oil for cooking due to its low smoking point.

CBD oil is also still illegal in many countries such as Dubai and would not be recommended in such states.

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CBD Oil In Australia

People in Australia seeking to improve their health are increasingly turning to these hemp oil products in hopes of getting better sleep, increased energy, and a variety of other benefits that CBD is known to have.

Fortunately, the AU government recently signed many provisions into law that give Aussies better access to hemp seed oil and other medicinal MJ products.

In Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales, people have never been happier!

Check out your city’s current rules on these formulas to see if you could benefit from using a liquid tincture like this.
hemp seed oil in bottle
The sublingual oils that go under the tongue are super popular right now all around the country.

Near Adelaide and Melbourne, many shops are popping up selling CBD for discount prices and you can also order cannabidiol online.

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Conclusion(Main Things To Keep In Mind)

Look for a trusted CBD oil supplier for pure CBD oil or CBD oil products.

Watch out for random retailers that sell non-pure oil which does not deliver the many benefits of CBD oil.

Once you get your oil, you want to try it in small doses to see its effect on your body and skin since your body chemistry is different from most people; do not follow a friend’s prescription.

You now have substantive information to compel you to try out CBD oil. Don’t miss out on this AU treat!

Of course, make sure to check with your physician before using anything- but we think its fair to say that cannabis oil is pretty safe in general.

Vet your suppliers before purchasing….and as always….ENJOY!

Buying CBD Oil: Everything You Need To Know

Most people have discovered numerous benefits associated with CBD oil. CBD is also known as cannabinoid which is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids extracted contain oil traces. There are two compounds extracted from the cannabis plant that is CBD and THC. This article will outline all the information you need to know about CBD oil.

  • There Is a Big Difference Between CBD and THC

This two are compounds are present in the cannabis plant, CBD oil is used for medical purposes. This element is not psychoactive. On the other hand, THC is psychoactive and the FDA are closing down dispensaries dispensing CBD oil with more than 0.03% THC. THC is illegal and consistent use will cause cognitive negative effects, which will cause brain and heart abnormalities. CBD is a better health supplement as it does not have an adverse side effect,

  • CBD Oil Is Legal

CBD comes from industrial hemp or medical cannabis plant. Cannabis has been legalized in some states. CBD oils are however required to have a 0.03% THC level. This means users can comfortably use CBD without facing legal repercussions.

  • CBD Oil Aids in Producing Cannabinoids

Cannabis plant contains cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids whereas human bodies contain cannabinoids and endocannabinoids which occur naturally. This cannabinoids interact with CBD oil to produce health benefits such as reducing paranoia and fear, lowering anxiety, reducing intestinal permeability, reducing inflammation and relieving depression.

  • CBD Is Safe for Children

One of the advantages of CBD is its ability to reduce seizures in children with epilepsy. Children who have severe epileptic seizures can be prescribed CBD oil and consistent use of the oil will reduce the seizures. There are other medications used for epilepsy but they have adverse side effects that are damaging. On the other hand, CBD oil is natural, quality and has zero toxins.

  • CBD Oil Is Animal-Friendly.

Just like human beings animals too have allergies and skin conditions. Get CBD oil tincture and include in animal foods or water to help alleviate itchiness and fur darkening as a result of the skin condition. Animals too have mental symptoms such as anxiety and restlessness. CBD oil comes in handy under such circumstances and it will also increase the general wellbeing of your pet.

  • CBD Has Undeniable Health Benefits

The popularity of medical marijuana is attributed to the undeniable natural benefits it has to offer. CBD oil is being used in a lot of therapeutic procedures and also treating other illness doctors have said are untreatable. These illnesses include heart disease, schizophrenia, ADHD, anxiety, nausea, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, bacterial infections, depression, broken bones, psoriasis, dyskinesia, acne, inflammation, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and chronic pain.


Most people suffering from any of this illnesses want both mind and body wellness and CBD oil which is a natural remedy offers the relief.

  • Entourage Effect

The entourage effect is a phenomenon where the many compounds found in cannabis work in a synergistic effect to provide the body with the balance needed. 100mg CBD isolate is less effective as compared to a 100mg whole plant of cannabis extract. CBD extracted from hemp is different from that extracted from cannabis.

Industrial hemp is cheaper and will save you a fortune during the extraction process but users will have fewer health benefits since industrial hemp has significantly lower concentrates and even lower terpenes. On the other hand, CBD oil from cannabis has abundant benefits.

Agricultural hemp grows naturally unlike CBD cannabis which is hybridized and has to be altered in the growing process in order to produce higher concentrates of CBD oil. Entourage effect has not been researched on as much that is why it is safer to consult a physician who will help and recommend the best CBD oil.

  • CBD Oil Is Not Psychoactive

CBD oil does not contain THC which is the psychoactive element. THC combines on a higher level with cannabinoid found in the brain and other parts of the body. CBD, on the other hand, does not interact on a whole level with the receptors but it has therapeutic actions for the mind and body.

CBD will not intoxicate you that is why it’s a good option for working people kids and elderly people.

  • CBD Oil Has Side Effects

As much as CBD oil has numerous effects, it is important to understand that there are side effects associated with it due to overdosing, using CBD with solvents or CBD with less concentrate. The side effects include dizziness, changes in weight and appetite, diarrhea, tiredness and other negative effects.

Take Away.

This information is beneficial to people who are new to medical marijuana and are skeptical on whether to use CBD oil for them, their kids or pets. Make informed decisions before indulging in any of the CBD oil products.

Why CBD Oil is not Psychoactive Like THC

CBD or Cannabidiol is a chemical compound extracted from cannabis sativa. There are other compounds extracted as well but CBD is the most dominant. One thing people are yet to understand is how CBD works on the human physiology.

CBD Myriad Effects

Scientist has analyzed 60 molecular pathways used by CBD to interact with our bodies. It has been discovered that CBD interacts with independent receptors found in the brain. The receptors include:

  • Serotonin 5HT1A which is a receptor responsible for anti-anxiety.
  • TRPV1 is a receptor which helps CBD reveal the antipsychotic effect.
  • PPAR-gamma the nuclear receptor it controls the gene expression.
  • GPR55 orphan receptor.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD elements are both found in cannabis and their molecular structures. THC interacts well with CB1 and CB2 which are cannabinoid receptors that are canonical but, however, CBD does not express the same characteristic. THC is the psychoactive components, it causes the “high” effect through binding with CB1 receptor which is the predominant protein receptor found in the nervous system and brain.

THC forms an orthosteric bind with CB1 receptors. THC acts as a key that turns on CB1 receptors, this will release neurotransmitters. For this reason, THC has remarkable therapeutic benefits offering the laxative effects.

CBD Emerging Data

Cannabinoid research has shown that CBD binds directly with the CB1 receptor and has numerous therapeutic benefits. Unlike THC, CBD affects different parts of CB1 receptors. CBD attaches itself to the allosteric site found in the CB1 receptor. Cannabidiol does not have a signal cascade when it interacts with CB1 receptors. The effect CBD has on the receptor does not affect how endogenous cannabinoids and THC interacts with the CBD.

How CBD Treats Without “High” Effect

CBD affects your cognitive functions and improves your mood. Cannabidiol lights up the brain and minimizes the effect that triggers seizures. CBD the allosteric modulator (that is negative) in the CB1 receptor has medicinal promise to treat overactivity or endocannabinoid conditions such as:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Liver disease
  • Metabolic disorder
  • Obesity

There is a positive allosteric modulator that binds with CB1 receptors and treats diseases associated with endocannabinoid deficits like:

  • PTSD
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Migraines
  • Anorexia

Allosteric modulator functionality will depend on whether the orthosteric site has been stimulated. CBD has the ability to modulate the CB1 signals when another cannabinoid OT THC compound is active at the orthosteric bind site. CBD efficacy requires THC presence for it to function as an allosteric modulator.

CBD and THC are said to be the power couple chemical compounds of cannabis and its therapeutics. These two elements work in a synergy effect as one is dependent on the other. Note CBD on its own is completely non-psychoactive.

Take Away

Scientists have been able to demonstrate the antidepressant, anxiolytic and antipsychotic effects of CBD. CBD can relieve psychosis, depression and relieve anxiety and that is why it is crowned the moo-altering medication but it does not deliver the euphoria effect. It is safe to say CBD does not contain psychoactive effects like THC.